1. Education is now a fundamental right for a child in India in the age group 6-14 years.
  2. All aspects of the Act are now justiciable as a Fundamental Right i.e violation of any clause of the Act can be taken up in court by any citizen – not just the person/s directly involved and adversely affected.
  3. Necessary number of schools shall be built in all communities within three years
  4. There will be no discrimination whatsoever of any kind when it comes to enrollment
  5. Norms and standards for all schools (government and private), including teacher qualifications, will be detailed without which no school will be recognized
  6. Private schools will have to reserve 25% of their seats for the disadvantaged
  7. The Act aims to have a standardized national curriculum
  8. The RTE requires significant financial provision – from the Center and the State governments.

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